Terms & Conditions
Do you take recycling?
Yes we do. We are one of the top recyclers in the five county area.
Where should I set my garbage & recycling containers?
The garbage and recycling needs to be set out front of your house and visible from the street.
What time should I have our garbage & recycling containers out?
All garbage and recycling should be set out by 6:00am on the day of collection.
Do you recycle glass?
Yes we do. Please place all glass bottles and jars carefully with your other recycling items in one container.
Can newspaper & office paper go together?
Yes. Newspaper & office paper can be mixed together in one bin.
How often is recycling picked up?
Recycling is picked up the second and the forth pick up of every month on the same day as trash.
Do you take credit cards? Which cards do you accept?
We proudly accept Visa, Master Card, and discover credit cards.
Do you have auto pay?
Yes, we do auto pay from your bank account or credit card.
What if I didn’t get my trash/recycling out in time?
Return trips are very costly for fuel and wages. If you feel that you cannot hold it until next time please call us for arrangements.
The usual return fee is $10 (this fee only covers our expenses). Remember that extra garbage set out the following pickup day is no problem.
Where are you do I send my payment?
Affordable Sanitation, Inc.
P.O. Box 89606
Sioux Falls, SD 57109
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Affordable Sanitation Inc.
P O Box 89606 Sioux Falls, SD 57109
Phone 605.274.0071